Download Yahoo Go or Gmail (YahooGo.jar/Gmail.jar) using Firefox 3.0

To download YahooGo.jar or any other mobile application for Mobile phones the follow the steps below.

1. Install wmlbrowser plugin from

2. Install User Agent Switcher plugin from

3. Add a new User-Agent using “User Agent Switcher” plugin. I tried with following field values for my Nokia 3110c.
Description : Nokia3110/2.0 (04.91)
User Agent : Nokia3110c/2.0 (04.91) Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1
Platform : NokiaOS
Vendor : Nokia

For Nokia 6120c try the following:

Description : Nokia6120c
User Agent : Nokia6120c/3.83; Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 ) AppleWebKit/413   (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/413
Platform : SymbianOS

4. Set the newly created User-Agent from the Tools menu as current User-Agent

5. Browse to download Yahoo! Go.

6. Save “YahooGo.jad” file to your disk.

7. Go to download directory and open “YahooGo.jad” file using text editor.

8. Copy url on sub section “MIDlet-Jar-URL:” this your download url.

9. Paste download url at firefox address bar and press Enter.

10. Save file “YahooGo.jar” to same location at “YahooGo.jad” directory

11. Back to text editor opening “YahooGo.jad” replace url with “YahooGo.jar”

12. To install Yahoo Go in your phone, copy both “YahooGo.jad” and “YahooGo.jar” to phone memory and install it using “YahooGo.jad” file.


  1. Withheld said

    Hi, that is a nice tutorial, but somehow I try the method and transfer to my phone, it give me invalid application error message. SE phone here.

    Am I right for the first few line of YahooGo.jad ?

    MIDlet-Jar-Size: 796432


    deployid: YAHOO_YGO_JAVA_2
    MIDlet-Jar-URL:YahooGo.jar CLDC-1.1
    Patch-Version: 03
    MIDlet-Version: 3.0.46
    MIDlet-Vendor: Yahoo!, Inc.
    MIDlet-Description: Yahoo! Go
    MIDlet-Name: Yahoo! Go

  2. I got the same for GMail.jad. Please check whether your mobile is supported for Yahoo Go 3.0 or not. You can browse and check which version of Yahoo Go is supported by clicking “update now”.

  3. Ritesh said

    How to get your Midlet / CLDC / bla bla information about the phone.
    i have T700 of SE

    plz guide

  4. Please browse the hardware & software specification for your mobile in website of your mobile phone. For example, device details of Nokia 3110c can be found under Click Profile 1 to see MIDP/CLDC profile information under UAProf Link section.

  5. Max said

    Wow! downloading worked like a charm! Fantastic Tutorial! The only problem was i dont have the necessary certificate to install Yahoo Go 3! it says certificate not on phone or sim. I have Nokia 5310Music Xpress. Due to a a firmware update error i had to flash the phone and now it seems i dont have all the certificates that came with the phone especially for “Apps. Signing” like from Verisign or Thawte. Any clue on how i can get it on my phone? Sorry if its the wrong place to ask. Thanks in advance! Btw Rubel hope to see more amazing tuts from you!

  6. Any one can help me to download English to Bangla Dictionary for my mobile phone. My phone model is LG Viewty. I need a dictionary.jar file.


  7. AMAN said

    rubel baya,
    i have a english reader software,it can read english artical or any englisg word,after copy this artical or any english word than pest this software after than this software can read.
    but have you any idea of bangla reader software.
    thank you vhya

  8. Any Direct link to get this software???

  9. chibuzor said

    I wants if I open it it while
    one hands

  10. Lizz said


  11. bilal said

    deployid: YAHOO_YGO_JAVA_2
    MIDlet-Jar-URL:YahooGo.jar CLDC-1.1
    Patch-Version: 03
    MIDlet-Version: 3.0.46
    MIDlet-Vendor: Yahoo!, Inc.
    MIDlet-Description: Yahoo! Go
    MIDlet-Name: Yahoo! Go

  12. John said

    hi i tried every method to download a jar or jad file of yahoo go 3 or any old i tried some from downloading sites but it took me to downloading but it fails after few time………i m not using it from cell phone i m using microemuator

  13. […] Download Yahoo Go or Gmail (YahooGo.jar/Gmail.jar) using Firefox 3.0 October 200814 comments 4 […]

  14. Gaius said


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