English to Bengali dictionary for mobile

I am happy to announce the initial release of English 2 Bengali Dictionary designed for mobile. Bangla dictionary is now on your pocket and is free. I have used Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 with Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ), an extention to Eclipse frameworks, to develop this application.

Browse http://weaverspark.com/java/mobile/dictionary/download.php from your mobile. This will start the installation of the application.

Please read all the comments below if you face any problem installing this application. I hope you will find your answers to your problem.

Supported Platform:
This application should run on any mobile that supports CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0. This application is tested on Nokia 3110c and Nokia 6300.

1. This application can be configured to run both online and offline. Default configuration is to access necessary raw data online.
2. GRE Word Filtering can be enabled to view words that appear on Barron’s GRE Word book. This will be helpful to those who are preparing for GRE and want to know the meaning of words that starts with ‘a’, for example.

To access the dictionary offline:
Default configuration need internet connection when you want to find meaning for any word. To be able to find meaning when you are offline (not connected to internet) all files or raw data that are used should be downloaded from the URL ‘http://weaverspark.com/downloads/java/mobile/dictionary/BanglaDictionary.zip‘ to the memory card of your mobile. All the directory contents from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ should be downloaded. Let us assume that all the folders are downloaded/copied to the folder ‘dictionary’ of your mobile’s memory card. Now start the application and go to ‘Settings’ window for this application and change the value in ‘Raw Data URL‘ field that locates to the dictionary folder of your memory card. In most cases mobile’s memory card is assigned the drive letter ‘E’. So in this case our final URL should be ‘file:///E:/dictionary/‘. Dont forget to Save these settings. Optionally you can change the attribute of the ‘dictionary’ folder to hidden so that other application of your mobile do not find this folder.

Please click here for more help regarding Raw Data URL value.

This application is not signed by any trusted CA. Please let me know if any one can help me in this regard.

I would be thankful to those who give me valuable feedback to improve this application. Thanks in advance to all of you for using my application.



  1. KAmrul Ahsan said

    GREAT!!!Thanks for this. But does it full English 2 Bangla mobile dictionary??

  2. Kamrul Ahsan said

    Does it full English 2 Bangla mobile dictionary??

    • There are 19000+ words approximately. Data for each words are being uploaded to the server. I hope by another 1 hour all words will be available.

    • eng.yasin said

      i wanted to download in mobile but i can not.can you give me any information for how to download.

    • amran said

      it is abest dictionary

    • amran said

      i need this dictionary

    • amran said

      it is a best bangla dictionary

  3. dulal khan said

    Rubel Bhi,

    Is it possible to use the software in desktop pc? if yes then tell me the process. It will be a usefull application for us.


  4. dulal khan said

    one more thing. Is it possible to make it banglai2english?

  5. Dulal bhai,
    Desktop version is not available! A desktop version should not take much time to develop!

  6. dulal khan said

    please do this in next face. As well as make it also from bangla2english (if possible). That will be a great job really. We want to see you great. 🙂

  7. good man, but try to develop desktop version it will be very effective.

  8. Sabbir said

    Good Job. Nice to see Another Java Guy at BD.

  9. nice work, going to check it out on my mobile. 🙂

  10. Md. Awlad Hossain said

    Nice job ….done grt task, congrates. would you pls tell how much memory does it take for storing words and other supportive properties. after all thanks for such a good job. carry on.

  11. shamim ahmed said

    it is a great job.But i can’t download or open this from my mobile or pc.it showed page error.So please tell me what can i do for that?

  12. delowar said

    pls tell me me how download those 2 file?plsssssss…….

  13. The download link for my application is now changed to http://weaverspark.com/java/mobile/dictionary/download.php.

    Those, who installed this application from the previous installation link are requested to update the “Raw data URL” link value with http://dictionary.pyramiditsolution.com/data/ from ‘Settings’ option. Otherwise the application will now work.

    Thanks for your interest.

  14. delowar said

    sorry, i can’t download row data file.it showed page error.So please tell me what can i do for that?pls help me cause i need this application very much.thanks.

  15. delowar said

    Brother,pls attach this dic dotsis.com.or shear mega upload.

  16. Sayem said

    Please tell me how i can use it offlile with total word

  17. Sayem said

    Please inform me with step by step about off line use.

    • Please download the zip file from http://weaverspark.com/downloads/java/mobile/dictionary/BanglaDictionary.zip and extract the contents in a folder. Let us assume that you’ve extracted the contents in folder ‘C:\BanglaDictionary’. The folder should now contain folders with name A, B, C…. Z etc. Now copy ‘BanglaDictionary’ to your mobile and optionally you can change it to a hidden folder.
      Now run the application from your mobile and change ‘Raw Data URL’ value under Settings menu. Details are explained earlier in this blog.

      Thanks for your interest.

  18. Sayem said

    Assalamoalikum, Robel via i cann’t extract zip file from my mobile(nokia 6300).
    it gives msg “file format don’t support”.How can i use this row data.
    please inform me.

    • Why don’t you unzip the file from your pc and copy the extracted files to your mobile.

  19. nizam khan said


  20. delowar said

    i want to download your software (jar not jad) direct pc.i can’t use mobile internet.is it possible?if possible pls link me.already i download raw data file.so kind u open ur software all peoples.thanks.

  21. Sagar said

    do you know, what you have done it for me? you don’t know it really. Thanks. I am just looking for it for my mobile. thnks again.

  22. Sayem said

    Robel via, Good Afternoon. A to Z content already downloaded to my mobile memory card in (Dictionary) folder.But in this dictionary applecation or main software(when i access from my phone) there is no option of Settings or setting window.Hence i can’t set Raw Data URL.Please inform me its solution.I miss This Dictionary so much.

    • Plz try reinstalling the application. Thanks

    • Jahangir said

      I have same problem with my phone. I am using Symphony D66i. I tried lot many times, I install than uninstall again reinstall but couldn’t succeeded in my mission. Sorry to bother you Mr. Rubel. If time permits please help me. With warm regards…. Jahangir

  23. Habib said

    My phone is n70 but i cant install jad file

    • Browse the download link from your mobile’s internet browser. It will start installation process. If you have already downloaded both the jar and jad file, then open the jad file using and text editor and change the value of “MIDlet-Jar-URL” as given below and copy both of the files to your mobile phone into the same directory. Hope this will allow you to run the application.

      “MIDlet-Jar-URL: bangladictionary.jar”

  24. Habib said

    Rubel bhai , when i want 2 install jad file it shows “unable to install ” i use ucbweb6.3 browjar.Plz brief in details.Will i use filemanazar 2 copy jad &jar file.I have already install jar file but jad file is downloaded in memorycard.Plz reply repidly.

    • You do one thing, download both jar and jad. Edit the jad file as i explained in my previous comment and copy both of these files into your mobile phone. Hope this works.

  25. HAFIZUL ISLAM said

    very nice

  26. TALHA said


    • Please read all the comments and their answers in this blog. Hope you find the solution to your problem.

  27. Habib said

    How can i copy jar and jad file in mobile from ucbdownload directory?Jar and jad file already downloaded in ucbdownload directory.Plz brief me step by step.

    • I do not have any idea about ucbdownload. I would recommend to download these files from your pc and copy them using Bluetooth or data cable.

  28. Habib said

    Bhai, can u tell me?Where i will get “bengali timetool(voice)” softwere for n70.

  29. talha said

    bhai i have downloaded all data of ur dictionary. I use this by online. But i am not able to use this dictionary during offing. My file has in memory card. File name are bangla dictinary. zip . Bangla dictionary.zip 2. And bangla dictionary.jad. Now what can i write in the location of raw data url. Help me to write it.

  30. Habib said

    Rubel bhai, How can i install jad file without pc?How it is possible to install with n70?Because when i want to install it shows “unable to install”.Can i run this dic with jarfile only.

    • See, there are two options to install this software. 1. Download all necessary files to your pc, make necessary changes to .jad file and copy them to your mobile. 2. Install directly from your mobile’s browser into your mobile. Since you are unable to install from internet using your mobile you need to go for first option. So follow the steps below.

      1. Download bangladictionry.zip, bangladictinary.jad, bangladictionary.jar files to your pc. 2. Edit bangladictionary.jad using any text editor (eg: notepad) to change the line that starts with ‘MIDlet-Jar-URL’ to ‘MIDlet-Jar-URL: bangladictionary.jar” 3. Extract the contents of bangladictionary.zip to any folder (eg: c:/dictionary). 4. Copy ‘dictionary’, bangladictionary.jad, bangladictionary.jar to your mobile phone’s memory. 5. Make the directory ‘dictionary’ in your phone’s memory as hidden. Thats it. 6. Run the application and change Raw Data URL value. (eg: file:///E:/dictionary).

      • Md. Rokon-Ul-Hasan said

        Dear bro,

        What did u mean by “change Raw Data URL’?

        Can we get a pc version of this dictionary shortly?

        Thanks for your efforts.

      • “Raw Data URL” value in “Options > Settings” screen defines where the application looks for word meaning that gets displayed. You need to set this value when you wish to switch between online or offline mode. Please read the post carefully for more details.


  31. sanaul said

    Rubel via, i followed all steps as given and set raw data URL as :
    “file:///E:/dictionary” or “file:///D:/dictionary”
    But it doesn’t work( not find row data URL).
    please inform me with solution.

    • Did you try with “file:///E:/dictionary/“? Please check and let us know the result. Thanks

      • sanaul said

        i m tried as “file:///E:/dictionary/“ means with ‘/’ But it doesn’t work( not find row data URL).
        additional info:
        my row data content folder is hidden.

      • Plz download FileConnectionTest.jar and FileConnectionTest.jad to your PC and copy them to your mobile. Now run this application from your mobile. This will show you the list of folders and drives in your mobile phone’s memory.

        Note: this application cannot be installed directly from your mobile’s browser.

        If I run this application in my mobile then it shows something like:

        Note that I have used my file data URL as “file:///E:/BanglaDictionary/”. Drive E: is my mobile’s memory card. Drive C:/ is mobiles own memory. Hope this helps. Let us know otherwise…

      • Sanaul said

        Rubel via ,Now i m successfully use this dictionary .many many Thanks .
        I hope u must be a Great person

      • quayum said

        sanaul vi can u halp me i want this soft but i cant install coz there have not enough information.plz call me 01556473125

      • Russel Mahmud said

        ‘Note: this application cannot be installed directly from your mobile’s browser.’

        it installed directly on my mobile via the mobiles web browser. nokia 5800

  32. ahsan said

    i want to english to bangla dictionary

  33. syed rezaul hayat said

    i am using it in my mobile. it is sony ericsson k750i.

    i am preparing for GRE. and it turned out very helpful for me.

    thanks a lot……….

  34. Debashish said

    Hi I am not getting how to use GRE option.I made the GRE filtering ON but not getting any difference.Could u explain how is it used?

    • Choosing ON only will not be applied until you save this setting by pressing “Options > Save”. Make sure that you’ve saved this change. Thanks

      • Debashish said

        i have saved that.but not getting difference.

  35. saqif ershad said

    this dictionary is fine.

  36. AMAN said

    rubel vhai,
    can i use this dictionary in nokia 7610.or which mobiles can i use it?
    thank u

  37. AMAN said

    rubel baya,
    i have a english reader software,it can read english artical or any englisg word,after copy this artical or any english word than pest this software after than this software can read.
    but have you any idea of bangla reader software.
    thank you vaya

  38. Yusuf said

    Rubel Bhai:
    Thanks…. Do u have a pc version of this dictionary software filtering option with barrons gre


  39. Jubair said

    Rubel bhai, a lot of thanks to u to creat a mobile dic.To use this dic. I face problems.my mobile is E63.I cant install jar and jad file as far comments on blog.How can I use this dic. In my Nokia E63?pls inform me step by step.pls…….ssss

  40. Jubair said

    Dear Rubel Bhai
    At the time of installing test jad and test jar i face problems.After some time of installing process, its want activation key with internet connection.when i permit for activation key to go to internet.After some time of connecting internet,its show a message ”No get way replay”.so i dont get any activation key and cant install.pls give me a solution.

    • romanuzzaman said


  41. showrav said

    thanks for giving a great things and help us

  42. zaman said

    please infome me how can i download it?

  43. Anowar Hossan said

    Hi brother this is very kind enterprise you’ve performed. But it would be much better if everybody could download easily. My mobile is 7610. It showed me “invalid version” while i tried to download. Please rebuilt it and do welfare to men. Thank you.

  44. Rubel brother,specially thanked him who made this dictionary.Brother I need to speak with you if you know details about this dictionary. My contact no. 0044 7979447575,if you can pls try to contact with me. Bye……….Bye

  45. atikur_89@yahoo.co.uk

  46. Rubel brother,how can I use this dictionary atfer install in memory card of mobile? When I am going to use this dictionary on my mobile,then mobile shows(word not found and allow application Bangla Dictionary MIDlet Suite read user dara?After that this dictionary doesn’t work properly.Now I cannot understand what should I do now?
    Please write me what I have to do to solve this problem.

  47. KANON said

    I download the raw file direct to mobile and the file is named (BanglaDictionary.EXT) and not showing any result.

    • The best way to install raw data file in mobile is to download using your pc, extract and copy the extracted files into your mobile. I do not have any idea how to use the file directly downloaded to your mobile phone. You may need to refer your mobile’s user guide to know the details how to use the downloaded .EXT file.


  48. Tanvir said

    Rubel vai thnx….. no doubt u r a boss.
    vaiya is there any call conversation recorder for java enabled mobile phone.
    if u know any information about this please let me know.

    • quayum said

      please tell me how you do that, 01816299476

  49. Rasel said

    it is good.But it is difficult for the general user to instoll.

  50. i will apply it on omy nokia 5800 hope will work.

  51. Dear Rubel,
    I’m using your English 2 Bangla Dictionary. I like to offer my gratitude for it. It’s really a helpful application. I think you need to perform some corrections over it.
    1. Change the name (because MainMIDLet is the generic name)

    2. Put option for normal exit from the application by introducing EXIT option.

    3. If possible introduce the result of search action as TEXT instead of IMAGE. Because such a large numbers of images depleting of our device memory.

    4. While searching for the new word, it provides option YES/NO for watching the new word. On selection of NO, Error message is displaying due to unhandled exception.

    Again a lot of thanks.

    Md. Ansar Ali

    • Dear Mr Ansar, Thanks for your comments. I will try to fix these issues except #3. Because I do not have text data for that dictionary.

      regards Rubel

  52. eng.yasin said

    i am from dubai.i wanted to download it in my mobile but i can not.can you please give me more information to download it.my mobile is nokia i phone.

  53. Md.Sunny khan said

    It was great!but no internet no dictionary.

  54. Quayum said

    vi sob-keco korlam kento parlam na.amar n82 nokia mobil.zip download and extred all file and copy A-z folder to memory card as hidden file then go to setting Set source file ( file:///E:/dictionary/.but not work what i do now.

  55. quayum said

    rubil vi i follow your all instruction but not in work.at last download file connection test jar file and install in to my mobile but it not installed and show me ( no activation key available for connection test ) what i do now

  56. quayum said

    activation key expire

    • You do not need any activation key to run FileConnectionTest. But you must download both the jar and jad for file connection test using ur pc and manually copy them to ur mobile device. Then run the FileConnectionTest application. Hope this helps.

  57. Quayum said

    have u any valied jar and jad file

  58. Quayum said

    vi my mobile name is nokia n82 .so if i wan to download jar and jad file from link thats time my mobile show me ( not supported and not valide key ) what i do now

  59. rahat said

    hmm……………. welll

  60. Rony said

    coz i need this e to b dic soft also for my nokia 3110c. If u have this soft then pls let me know at 01914390467.

  61. Apon said

    Pls help me to download end to ban dic


    please give me some information about this mobile dictionary(english to bengali and bengali to english) soft ware for purcahesing as well as price


      my mobile number is 09002705071. please contact with me about dictionary(bengali to english) for my mobile.

  63. saeed said

    hi can i use it in 5800?

  64. ROYAL said

    you are a very good boy

  65. Rijvi said

    Thanks for your great work.
    I successfully installed the dictionary in my Samsung E250 and copy the raw data to my phone memory card and save the link of raw data url. But when I search any word there is nothing displayed. But when I search any word out of this dictionary content then show the message “word not found’. Would you please solve it soon.

  66. mb. yeasin mahmud said

    bahi i want to install this Dicsonary in my mobile.but i can not do it. How can i install it in my mobile . please help me.

  67. Lipan Biswas said

    I want to use my mobile nokia 3110c

  68. Shihab said

    I use nokia E61, i can’t use this dictionary. help me

  69. Mohammad Abser said

    Thankful 2 u
    its gr8 job i’v ever witnessed.
    Almighty bless u

  70. raju said

    can I use it to my Nokia 5800 XM ?

  71. raju said

    can I use it to my Nokia 5800 XM ?
    please help me

  72. Russel Mahmud said

    Hello Mr Rubel,
    You have done a great job indeed. It worked on my nokia 5800.

    It’s a great job and everyone will remember you for this…


  73. Rubel vai.. this is an amazing effort..
    thanks vaia… 🙂

  74. amran said

    it is a very good dictionory

  75. Alim said

    its importent for all student

  76. Quayum said

    long time i use your english to bangla dictionary by using internet but today your soft are not working.i re install your soft more time but it not work .what i do now

  77. Quayum said

    vi atodin internet active koira calaitam kento akhon tao choltacy na.ke korbo

  78. Quayum said

    if you wat to help us please help us properly.please give us your phone number or call me please its so painfull .i cant run your dictionary please help me
    My phone : 01711008311

  79. Mohammad abser said

    Vaia apniki soft ta update korsen. Otoba kora hobe ki. Korle kokon. Janan pls. Again Allah bless u…

  80. Nahid said

    i need a E2B DICTIONARY

  81. shahad said

    i need e2b dictionary

  82. Rifat said

    Dear Mr. Rubel,
    i am very interested to use this dictionary. I downloaded the full dic. to use offline. I also downloaded file connec. test jad, jar files, bang. dic. midlet suit, bang. dic jad, jar files. all i downloaded was through computer int. except bang. midlet suit.(through mobile). i can not run jad, rar files except midlet suit. These files are shown unvalid, when i go to run, and icons r displayed crossed. i changed raw data url also as u mentioned. but ” search ” function does not work. i use nokia 3110c. pls tell me what to do…

    • I would suggest you to install dictionary directly from online to your mobile first. If you can search meaning online then change settings to use offline data. Let us know the result. Thanks.

  83. Mohammad abser said

    Dictionary tir ki notun version ashche?

    • Right now there is no plan of updating this application. But it would be great if you could suggest any specific feature or functionality to add. Thanks

  84. SIRAJUL said

    Upgrated English to Bengali software have you published ????


  85. Jony said

    Dear Rubel vai does this application work on nokia 6300? I cant install it . Plz help me.

  86. adnan said

    i m an user of nokia e63.i hav copied A-Z folder in my memory card..bt i cant use da dictionary.i hav also tried to download FileConnectionTest.jad and
    FileConnectionTest.jar.but it shows error evrytime i try to download.Cud u pls make me understand abt using of it step by step?

    • First create a folder named ‘dictionary’ in your mobile’s memory card. Then copy all folders ‘A’-‘Z’ to the new folder ‘dictionary’.

      Then change the ‘Raw Data URL” value to “file:///E:/dictionary*/*” (without the quotes). If this does not work try with different driver letters for the value of “Raw Data URL” e.g. 1: file:///D:/dictionary*/* e.g. 2: file:///F:/dictionary*/* etc…

  87. adnan said

    and one thing what should i write in ‘Raw Data URL’memory card er location ta kibhabe identify korbo?

  88. teto said

    thnx,vi,i’ve successfully installed it
    bt GRE filtering is not working

    • After changing the GRE filtering option to on/off please remember to save the changes from Options > Save.

  89. nirob said

    good work.

  90. nutu said


  91. Mahbub said

    vai….ami nokia 2700c use kori…fileconnectiontest.jad and jar file 2ta pc theke mobile nile invalid dekhay…ki kora…jay…please janaben

  92. Mahbub said

    apnar joto instruction sob porechi bt solution psini…

    • Prothome apnar mobile browser theke weaverspark.com e jan. Oikhan theke BanglaDictionary install korar try koren. Install hoye gele age dekhen dictionary ta online-e use korte paren ki na. Jodi paren tahole offline access method follow koren.


  93. Mahbub said

    Brother, its working…and i am so happy about it.. Thanx bro for huge work for students of bd

  94. ayan saha said

    I need this dictionary!My mobile is symphony x110.Is it possible?

    • I’m not sure if this app runs on Symphony. If it supports Java then the dictionary should run on Symphony.

  95. amjad said

    How to download english to bangla dictionary into nokia 7610

    • Plz follow instructions given in the post. All of the instructions are there. You may go through the comments and my answers to them to know more details. Thanks

  96. tanmoy said

    i do not download this raw files yet. It’s a huge one. I’m using a complete cambridge eng 2 eng dictionary containing over 3 lakhs words with pictures in my nokia e71 which is only 27mb. Plz let me know how many words does your dictionary contain? I really need a complete dictionary. And put a exit button in the software. There is no software icon which looks ugly.

    • FYI, there are around 21K image files. And, special thanks for your feedback about icon and exit button. I will try to add these to the dictionary.

  97. tanmoy said

    21k image file ? I’ve no idea about 21k! That’s why i didn’t get my answer. Please sir, tell me exactly how many words in your dictionay as if it will be handy for me.

  98. tanmoy said

    dear sir, I installed the software and downloaded the ZIP file which is extracted in ‘E:/dictionary’ path (A to Z folder). Then I changed URL “file///E:/dictionary” but when i want to search a word software either connect with net or show a massage to close the application. Exactly what should I write in URL so that the software can detect the dictionary folder. I am waiting for your instruction. It’s painfull if i fail to start the application at this stage. Please do me a favour. Thank you.

    • Two things to note here. 1. Please be sure to save the Raw Data URL value after editing from Options menu (Options > Save). 2. Also be sure that the path “*E*:/dictionary” is correct. I mean to say that check if the drive letter is really ‘E’ in your case. Try with other driver letters (e.g: “*file///D:/dictionary/*” or *”file///F:/dictionary/” *). The Raw Data URL should end with forward slash (/). If Raw data url is changed then the dictionary application should ask your permission to read your memory card’s data if you click Search button. Choose Yes to continue.

      Thanks for your interest. Let us know the result.

  99. tanmoy said

    hello sir, it’s working. I’m really happy with that. Thank you so much. Please release an updated version for your app. With Icon & Exit button. Sir, I’ve another problem. The size of the downloaded files (A-Z) is showing 70MB. But the disk size is showing 686MB. Like- size: 70MB. Disk size: 686. What is the actual size of the ”dictionary” folder. Why is it occupied 686 MB.

    • Total size must be less than 100MB. I am not sure why it is showing disk size as 686MB.

    • Shamim Ahmed said

      Apni apnar memory card ta FAT32 te format korun, tarpor copy kore dekhun about 400MB save hobe.

  100. tanmoy said

    you don’t know? It’s not only showing but also occupied.anyway please let me know the aproximate date to release the upgrade version of dictionary or are you working on that right now? Keep informing to your users. Good luck.

  101. tanmoy said

    you didn’t answer my question? Ok. Perhaps you have also have little idea about that. Thax.

  102. masud said


  103. masud said

    it is very nice…it help us very much…

  104. Tanmoy said

    oh.. It does not work in nokia 6630.. When i search word-meaning then as a sd-card read permisson it comes ”yes/no” option. After pressing ‘yes’ it doesn’t show anything. How can i get rid of?

    • Please set the “Raw Data URL” value properly. It should be something like “file///E:/dictionary/”. Do not forget the “/” at the end. In this case, folder “dictionary” should contain sub folders like “dictionary/A, dictionary/B … etc”

  105. FA HAMID said

    How to get it offline for my 2323c
    i have no data cable or mcard.

  106. fida hossain linda said

    i can not explain how fantastic this dictionary is?

  107. tanmoy said

    everything is as it is in nokia 6630 as my nokia e71. It works in e71 but not in 6630. When i view this image files 6630 shows so narrowly that hard to read. Is this the reason the software couldn’t show the image file for the screen resulation. Plz give a solution..

    • I did not implement any functionality to zoom the word meaning. May be your mobile is doing it intelligently. Please check if there is any zoom option on your mobile. Please try with the latest version of this app. You need to re-install new version from the web for that.

  108. tanvir said

    this is a good dictionary

  109. faysal1331 said

    english to bangla mobile dictionary

  110. Sundur Mominur said

    Thank you for your useful works.

  111. Oronno said

    brother, you mentioned that your dictionary would work at any kind of mobile having java.. software. my question is, can I use this software in any mobile like Vodafone (v716) which made in china?

  112. pankaj said

    Bangla dictionary don’t work in nokia e63

  113. najmul said

    via ami symphony x110 er eng to bengali dictionary kivabe download korbo.ati java support kore.pls janaben

  114. piyal said

    thanks for this.i havent’ use it yet.now downloading.but i think it will be the best cause i used so many other dictionary.again thanks.

  115. piyal said

    please,say me where i’ll found this kind of english to english dictionary?

    • shojol said

      how i download english to bangla dictionary for java mobile.

  116. Rana said

    My mobile is nokia 5130. First I have copied all folders A, B, C, etc to folder of “dictionary” from zip. After that I have set my URL “file:///E:/dictionary/” but it is not working please help me

  117. Touhidul said

    Dear i use your soft in nokia 6131 but i cant use in nokia 5233. What is the couse can you tell me? Thank you touhid

  118. Rana said

    Now I am using this application properly. Many many thanks to you.

  119. Rana said

    Now I am using this application in online and offline.
    Thank you
    Rubel Vai

    Rana Sherpur

  120. Masum said

    Now I am using this application properly. Many many thanks to you.

  121. Omar Faruq said

    Brother is it work in touch screen mobile ,just like sprint e 600 ??????
    For your kind information e600 is java platform mobile set !!!!!!!!

  122. sohel said

    i want to nokia n82 mobile to install e to b dictionary

  123. […] English to Bengali dictionary for mobile January 2009177 comments 3 […]

  124. shakil said

    ato koso

  125. i want download this dictionary for my E5 mobile

  126. Joy said

    Dear sir, is there any possibility to use in Nokia N70. if can how it so….and shall i do for doing this. please inform me.

  127. Zobayer said

    Hello ! Dear brother – I’m very happy 2 write U- how can i download this wonderfull app 2 my sony ericsson k850i mobile pls provide me the system.

  128. aminur rahman said

    i badly need it

  129. Adnanarifeen said

    bangla dictinary is a very good dictinary.

  130. bangla dictanary is a very good dictanary…..

  131. shuvo said

    nice work, going to check it out on my mobile.

  132. saiful said

    please give me jar soft.

  133. Shihab said

    I use symphony X110 set but cannot use this dictanary both in online and offline.Would you reply me how can I use this in my mobile through offline.

  134. al-amin said

    i need b2e dictionary for mobile e63.

  135. hey shihab!
    i m usin sim x110. n the dic works well.
    install the software first.

    very much thanks to RUBEL VAI.

  136. rushdi said

    vai apni ei tai jate amra word add korte pari oi babosta kore then tahole baki word amra add kore web e dite parbo….plz vai…

  137. arup said

    i want this dictionary.

  138. arup said

    how can i install this . I need this very much. Please inform me.

  139. Rubel vai pls develop a bangla to english dictionary

  140. Tapojyoti Acharya said

    Great Dictionary…The Best I Have Ever Seen…Thank You So Much Bhaijaan For This

  141. sujay said

    thank u.finaly done it on my n70.
    everytime i need yes to allow.do you have any option to neglect it

    • Thanks for using this application. There is one solution for this, but this would require some investment. I am not ready for this yet.

      regards, Rubel

    • Shamim Ahmed said

      English to bangla dictionary (400 MB approximately) download zip file 70MB (Number of word 21000+) is running smoothly on any China mobile, full touch or keypad no problem (java supported). program launch korar age settings a giye scroll kore niche giye “read user data” allow kore din. Ta na hole protibar word meaning search ar somoy read user data permission dite dite birokto hoben.

  142. sujon221 said


  143. Mohammad Abser said

    ekta bangla to english dictionary develop koren

  144. Shahin said

    Please post in link for jar file …

  145. jahir raihan said

    can i use bangla dictionary my full touch nokia 5233 and how?

  146. jahir raihan said

    ruble bai,
    Please reply my answar.it’s very essential for me…

    • I think you can use. I haven’t try/test though.

      Please go to http://weaverspark.com/ from your mobile’s browser. Then follow instructions given there.

      regards, Rubel

    • Shamim Ahmed said

      obviously it works on 5233. But the font size is very small.

      Goo Luck.

  147. It’s very good.

  148. Xxxxxx said

    Ti is Vodacom

  149. Arif said

    How can i install english to bengali dictionary in nokia 2700 classic?

  150. Can anyone help me? please……..
    1. Is it a complete dictionary?
    2. How can I test whether a phone supports Java?

    • Yes, it is a complete dictionary.

      Most of the phones have Java now. Except few cheap Chinese phones.

  151. bappy said

    jalamoyi 1 khan dictionary banaise mama………
    but why is it not so quick and prompt,rubel vai??
    what can i do for promptness??

  152. Md. Kamal Hossain said

    Rubel Vai,
    I can’t use this application in my nokia 5233. Plz say me the steps.

  153. Saiful Islam said

    i try this soft 4 my nokia 5233,,,but it doesnt work,,,
    its instal & display properly but i cant wrote the word
    can any help me?

  154. kamrul hasan said

    Robel bhai this is a very usefull application for the student . As I am a student this is an essential software for me . I have downloaded (bangla dictionary . Zip ) file for 68.4 MB from my mobile browser.But it does not work in my nokia 5233.I do not find any setting and row data url . I do not understand how to extract the file .when I open, it shows me not supported.Please help me soon . This is necessary for me. Call me please 01728035676 . please, please, please.

    • As far as I know, you cannot extract the zip file using any software in mobile. You need to extract it using your PC. And since I do not have Nokia 5233, I cannot tell you how to find setting and raw data url. But there must have some option to view settings. Please check.


    • Shamim Ahmed said

      bangla academyr english to bangla dictionary (400 MB approximately) download zip file 70MB (Number of word 21000+) is running smoothly on any China mobile, full touch or keypad no problem (java supported). program launch korar age settings a giye scroll kore niche giye “read user data” allow kore din. Ta na hole protibar word meaning search ar somoy read user data permission dite dite birokto hoben.

  155. joya said


  156. Salim Caesar said

    error for nokia 6710

    why???????? salim.feni@gmail.com

  157. Hasan Jubair said

    Really Great Dictionary 😀
    Thank u so much 🙂
    plz check it out

  158. Hasan Jubair said

    রুবেল ভাই আপনার এই ডিকশনারিটা অনেক কাজের। 🙂 তাই আমি বাংলায় অনুবাদ করে টেকটিউনস এ পোস্ট করেছি। সাথে আপনার নামও দিয়েছি। আপনাকে আমন্ত্রণ রইল।

  159. Topu said

    I installed & copy dictionary folder(A-Z) in my memory card,as you say.But when i want to search a word,it show ” scheme not found: file///e”
    please give me solution of this problem

    • Shamim Ahmed said

      Please edit and your Raw Data URL value from ‘ file///E:/dictionary/’ to ‘file:///E:/dictionary/’.

  160. RONY said

    operation successful.কিন্তু পিসিতে extract করার পর সাইজ ৭১.৮ mb এবং মোবাইল এ কপি করার পর মেমোরি কার্ড এ ৭৩২ মেগা জায়গা হারায়।আমার কার্ড ১ জিবি ফাঁকা ছিল।কপি করার পর আছে ৩৭৮ মেগা।ঠিক বুজতে পারছি না।সেট নকিয়া ৫৫৩০।HAVE THERE ANY SOLUTION?PLS TELL ME.I WANT TO KEEP IT IN MY PHONE.IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ME IF ANY SOLUTION.IT IS THE BEST BANGLADIC THAT I’ve ever seen in my life.THANKS………

    • I have no idea brother. Please check if you have any virus or not.

    • Shamim Ahmed said

      Apnar memory card ta FAT32 te format din. tarpor copy korun tahole 400MB save hobe.

    • Shamim Ahmed said

      Mobile phoner memory card format korar somoy file system option a giye FAT32 abong Allocation Unit Size Option a giye 2048 bytes select korun. tarpor format din. Ebar dictionary ta copy korun. Tahole Matro 91 (Ninety One) MB size hobe.

      • RONY said

        sorry vaia ami tik apnar comment bujlam na.apni FAT32 format bolte ki bujate ceyecen.hard format na soft format?ar ”Allocation Unit Size Option a giye 2048 bytes select korun ”atao bujlam na.akto clear korle valo hoy.i m waiting…………..

  161. রুবেল ভাই, আমি ডিকশনারিটা অনলাইনে ইউজ করতে পারছি, কিন্তু অফলাইনে ইউজ করতে পারছি না। A-Z ডাউনলোড করা ফাইল গুলো সব E:/dictionary তে রাখছি, কিন্তু কোন কাজ হচ্ছে না, ধরুন আমি able লিখে সার্চ দিলাম তাহলে লেখা আসবে “ The requested protocal does not exit file///E:/dictionary/ABLE.PNG। আপনার ওয়েবসাইটের সবগুলো কমেন্টই পড়লাম,আজকের সারাটা দিন প্রায় এই সফটওয়্যার নিয়ে কাজ করলাম কিন্তু কোন লাভ হলো না। এই সফটওয়্যারটি আমার খুব প্রয়োজন।
    ভাইয়া প্লিজ হেল্প মি

    • Please edit and your Raw Data URL value from ‘ file///E:/dictionary/’ to ‘file:///E:/dictionary’.

      Let us know if this works.


    • Shamim Ahmed said

      Please edit and your Raw Data URL value from ‘ file///E:/dictionary/’ to ‘file:///E:/dictionary/’.

      Let us know if this works.


  162. Raffiuzzaman said

    এতেও কাজ হলো না, raffiuzzaman(at)gmail.com এইটা আমার ইমেইল,আপনার অ্যাড্রেসটা যদি মেইল করে দিতেন………

  163. Shamim Ahmed said

    Mobile phoner memory card format korar somoy file system option a giye FAT32 abong Allocation Unit Size Option a giye 2048 bytes select korun. tarpor format din. Ebar dictionary ta copy korun. Tahole Matro 91 (Ninety One) MB size hobe.

    Many Many Thanks to Rubel Ahammad.

  164. RONY said

    sorry vaia ami tik apnar comment bujlam na.apni FAT32 format bolte ki bujate ceyecen.hard format na soft format?ar ”Allocation Unit Size Option a giye 2048 bytes select korun ”atao bujlam na.akto clear korle valo hoy.i m waiting…………..

    • @rony: hard format ar soft format ki ami jani na. Apnar moroy card ta card reader e set kore pc te connect korle eta ekta drive hisabe dekhabe. Sei drive e right click kore format click korle ekta screen asbe. Sekhan theke apni File system: FAT32, Allocation unit: 1024 kilobytes select kore format korun.

      Please remember, all your existing data will be deleted from your memory card if you format.

      • RONY said

        Thank u vry much………….

  165. so happy

  166. RONY said

    prothomei thanks janay ato sundon akta eng to bangla dict upohar debar jonno.ami apnar dict pay 1 month jabot use korci.its working nice.but edaning akta problem face korci.ar data gulu IMAGE akare thakay image a dukte onek somoy nicce.image brower sob data image akare joma hoyce.vaia ata ki text akare kora jay na?or any other solution?

  167. I cannot open it…..my mobile set is micro max. what is the problem??

  168. Peace said

    why i cannot run it??

  169. Ahmed Sadman Muhib said

    Is this a Java application, I mean does the main file contain the “.jar” extension. Please tell me.
    I am asking you because there is a software named “MicroEmulator”, I can use it run any JAVA apps in my Ubuntu without any mobile phone. So, please tell me.

  170. Ahmed Sadman Muhib said

    Is this a Java application, I mean does the main file contain the “.jar” extension. Please tell me.
    I am asking you because there is a software named “MicroEmulator”, I can use it run any JAVA apps in my Ubuntu without any mobile phone. So, please tell me.

  171. arnob said

    does it work in Symphony ft30 ??

  172. Tanvir said

    Happy to see this.

  173. mannu khan said

    i want english bengali china mobile dictionary

  174. Jabid said

    It’s too good

  175. sharif said

    it’s like a ????????????????????

  176. hi

  177. shamsul Islam said

    download e2b dictionary for mobile

  178. gazi kamal said

    can anybody help me with an english to english dictionary for my 5230 nokia moblie with phrasal verbs and explanations of the words.,,

  179. Tapas said

    Hi, my ph is nokia 2700 clasic. Can dis softwr(e2b dic) run gd in my phn.
    Take cr

  180. Md. Mazharul islam said

    i need ur ph number. Bcz dictionary show “word not found” or “file not exist. So sms ur number in 01916282282 or email: mazharul_ruman@yahoo.com

  181. biplab biswas said

    when i open jad file it shows java error.what can i do?

  182. software_ss said

    via online!!! net is not available all the time! try to build a stand alone version using the memory card as database storage ..thanks

    • biplab biswas said

      no iam using offline.i extracted @copied it in my mry card.but it is showing error.for samsung gt b3313.

  183. ভাই BanglaDictionary ফোল্ডারটা মেমোরি কাডে কপি করলাম। দুই একদিন ঠিকমত কাজ করে। পরে কিছু কিছু ফাইল চায়না লেখার মত হয়ে যায়। এবং ওয়াড Search দিলে File does not exist এই মেসেজ আসে।

  184. Robin said

    eta ki Sony Ericsson support kore?
    ami unek chesta koresi parina. amar khub ichse dictionary ta download korar…………..please upayta bolen please please please

  185. Robin said

    ami word search dile error dekhachse keno?

  186. good

  187. Amir hossain said


  188. nazir said

    I have need it

  189. AAR said

    asolei khub valo akta application …..Thanks

  190. shamim said

    onek sundoe software………best of luck

  191. Enayet Kabir said

    Vi, etar ki bengali to English version ase?

  192. Hello,views i am jahangir alam shahrasti,very good bangla dictionary look this mobile thank s.

  193. JAKERIN said

    i use it now NOKIA 110, ITS JUST AMAGING !!!! TAHANX RUBEL VAI

  194. md.alauddin alo said

    how to download this me.?

  195. Mainul hasan said

    I like it ~~~~

  196. Farum zaman said

    just awesome

  197. shakil ahmed said

    very good

  198. qazishamimhasan said

    great job. just awesome dictionary. it is the best dictionary i have ever seen. please carry on Rubel Ahammad vai. it will help many students of our country. you are a great man. thanks a lot…

  199. মাসউদুল আলম said

    অ্যান্ড্রয়েড ডিভাইসের জন্য একটা ভার্শন করলে ভালো হতো। বাংলাদেশে এখন অ্যান্ড্রয়েড ইউজার অনেক এবং দিন দিন বাড়ছে। আর বছর দুয়েক পর মানুষের হাতে হাতে অ্যান্ড্রয়েড ডিভাইস থাকবে।

  200. murad said

    Rubel vai, the jar file doesn’t support in nokia 2710 c-2 gps navigation. plz help

  201. Dear Rubel Vai
    Thanks a lot for your great sharing. There is no doubt that you are a good person. You have patient. If you help me that will be your gratefulness. I am a student of CSE. I know C, C++, Java( Little) , PHP, CSS, HTML, Ajax, XML, Jquery, Visual basic. Now i want to make develop mobile application such as you. I want to make personalized mobile application like you, but i don’t know the way. First which language i have to choose? Then what i have to do? If possible give me the link of the software link, How to code for this? If you give me the source code of your software that may helps me, I will not destroy your copyright@. Just for learning, give me some instruction steps by step. or give me your mobile number, my number is 01712984961, or write me a simple word in jagobandhusome@gmail/yahoo.com.

  202. The Software Is nicely working In my Nokia C2-01 and Sony Ericsson

  203. Bhai blackberry bold 9700 te use korte parbo ki ? please help

  204. Sony said

    Thanks for great E2B dic. U great & then ur family great….thanks a lot………..

  205. rajaul karim raju said

    i want to be this dictionary

  206. Md. Jashim Uddin said

    When the copy fileconnectiontest.jar and fileconnection.jad on my mobile memory card drive E: and folder dictionary. when I open dictionary folder on my mobile then show the message fileconnectiontest
    The valid roots found are :
    and stand.
    when press cancel key then exit.
    Please solve me as possible.
    NB. my mobile set is nokia 5130c-2 XpressMusic.

  207. mahadi said

    need dicanary for mob

  208. M H Mahmud said

    I am very happy for the dictionary

  209. M H Mahmud said

    It is a large presentation for all learners. So many many THANKS to YOU !!!

  210. bivuti said


  211. md. Mominur Rahman said

    plz give me a e to e and e to b dictionary for android mobile.

  212. ean said

    আমি আমার নকিয়া x6 এ সফট টা ইনস্টল করেছি।কিন্তু সব কিছু করার পর ও file dose’t exit দেখায়।পারলে পলীজ হেল্প করুন।

  213. ean said

    এমন কি আমি এ সফটা দিয়ে অনলাইনেও কাজ করতে পারিনা।

  214. Goutam said

    The soft you’re delivered is just awesome but I’ve a question/request not about the dictionary. If you don’t mind would you please tell me that is it possible to see bangla font in nokia n70 mobile? If it is possible then how? Please..e..e..e..

  215. Md. Ashab uddin said

    Very good

  216. Ashraful said

    it’s a supper product

  217. BIPUL said

    which nokia 5233 supported english to bengali dictanary ? how much software size ????

  218. alamin said

    amr phone nokia 5800xpress music ky eb2 dictionary anty partysina..please help me..

  219. mdabdullah said

    bangla with english dictionary

  220. Jahangir said

    I have same problem with my phone. I am using Symphony D66i. I tried lot many times, I install than uninstall again reinstall but couldn’t succeeded in my mission. Sorry to bother you Mr. Rubel. If time permits please help me. With warm regards…. Jahangir

  221. Kawsar Ahmed said

    Bhaia, I can’t find menu button for turning on offline version in Android set ‘Oneplus x’. I have used this app earlier in my Symphony set. But in this Oneplus x set there is no built in settings button. So please help me to find the menu button in your app.

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