Basic guide to Subversion

1. When you port fixes from trunk or branches, make sure your log message mentions that you’re porting a
specific change from one branch to another. For example:
$ svn commit -m “integer.c: ported r344 (spelling fixes) from trunk.”

2. Merge means ‘diff-and-apply’ to local copies. Merge range of revisions, not two different trees.
$ svn commit -m “Merged my-calc-branch changes r406:480 into the trunk.”

3. Specify a reverse difference to ‘svn merge’ command to undo changes and then commit.
$ svn merge -r 303:302
U integer.c
$ svn commit -m “Undoing change committed in r303.”

4. Resurrect deleted Items using ‘svn copy’ command and then commit.
$ svn copy –revision 807 \ ./real.c
$ svn commit -m “Resurrected real.c from revision 807, /calc/trunk/real.c.”

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