Activate/Unlock Qualcomm Gobi Mobile Broadband device

I was lucky enough to activate Qualcomm Gobi Mobile Broadband device built-in with Toshiba Satellite M505-S4945. It is now working with GSM network (GrameenPhone/Aktel/Warid) in Bangladesh. I could not test it with CDMA network available here. Loading appropriate firmware should work, I hope.

Please follow the steps below.
1. Load Gobi Firmware onto the device using Toshiba WWAN Connection Manager on Toshiba Mobile Broadband Device.

2. Execute AT+CFUN=1 AT command on the device (****Please do this at your own risk****). I used minicom to connect to the device and execute AT command in Linux environment. Please use similar applications available in Windows platform.

3. The command above will unlock the device. Now configure WWAN Connection Manager for your network and enjoy.

The way I made it work:
1. Uninstall Qualcomm Gobi Download Service.
2. Install Ubuntu 9.10 in virtualbox 3.1.4.
3. Installed qcserial, the device driver for Qualcomm Gobi. Please check this. FYI, I added the following text to the driver code.
{USB_DEVICE(0x0930, 0x130D)}, /* Toshiba Gobi QDL device */
{USB_DEVICE(0x0930, 0x130E)}, /* Toshiba Gobi Modem device */

4. Load Gobi Firmware. You can load any firmware. Check this to load firmware. Please note that the blue light will be turned off automatically once the firmware is loaded.
5. Install and use minicom to execute “AT+CFUN=1” AT command to activate the device. If the device is activated the blue light will be turned on again.
6. Once the device is activated re-install 3g drivers and utility software uninstalled earlier in your Windows platform and enjoy.

I am now experiencing Gobi in Windows Vista Home Premium.



  1. Julio said

    Hi Rubels.

    I have several questions regarding your unlock method.
    Also, do you think this method will work for HP mini laptop including Gobi 2k modem ??

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