View ‘Market price’ from DSE BULL! Tray in Firefox

Dear DSE BULL! Tray user, you might be thinking why is the ‘Market Price’ shortcut URI is not working from DSE BULL! Tray. Actually is not allowing outsiders to access this resource. After my investigation on this issue I have found a workaround to view Market Price in my Firefox browser.

Please let us know if we can change referrer in other browsers too as explained below using RefControl plugin for Firefox

Follow the steps given below:

1. Download and Install Firefox if you do not have it already installed. And make Firefox as default browser.
2. Install ‘RefControl’ Firefox plugin. Please visit to install this plugin. Restart Firefox when asked after installation of this plugin.
3. Click Tools > ‘RefControl Options…’ to open RefContro Options window in Firefox. Click ‘Add Site’ button to open RefControl Site Properties window. Now enter ‘’ in site field, choose ‘Custom’ action and enter ‘’ as shown in the screen-shot below. Click OK to close RefControl Site Properties window. Click OK again to close ‘RefControl Options’ window.

RefControl Site Properties

4. Now you are ready to view ‘Market Price’ from DSE BULL! Tray. Run DSE BULL! Tray if it is not running already. Right click any item and choose ‘Market Price…’ to view Market Price of DSE website.


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