English – Bengali Dictionary v2.0 for Android phones released

I’m happy to release the second version of my Android application English to Bengali Dictionary v2.0. You can download the installer here. Major changes in this release is listed below.

  1. Use this dictionary Offline.
  2. Access Barron’s GRE word list in a separate list view.
  3. Auto completion suggestions while you type words.
  4. Suggestions of word list if exact match of word is not found in the dictionary.
  5. Also there are other enhancements.

How to use this dictionary offline:

  1. Download word meaning images.
  2. Extract them in your mobile phone’s SD card. You may create a directory e2b in your SD card and place all contents of the zip file in that directory. In this case make sure that the directory e2b contains different folders ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc in it.
  3. Press Menu button and open Settings and enable offline use option
  4. Edit offline data location. You will need to change this value based on the location where you have extracted word meaning images. If you have extracted the contents in e2b directory then change this value to e2b and save. Default value for offline data location is set to .weaverspark/e2b.

How to see Barron’s GRE word list:

  • Choose Menu > Barron’s GRE.
  • Expand the alphabet for which you want to see GRE words

Thanks in advance for using my application.




  1. e2b said

    gallery ta hang hoia jai,,,,because e2b folder ar sob image load korte time nai. hide korsi but show kore sd card a…akhon ki korbo.

  2. Limon said

    dear, ame ke nokia c6 o1 a use krte parbo?

  3. rupom007 said

    এই ডিকশনারি টা এন্ড্রয়েড এ চালানোর জন্য এন্ড্রয়েড এ জাভা চালানোর কত চেস্টা করেছি। ওফ… এখন কি যে ভালো লাগছে বুঝাতে পারবো না… ধন্যবাদ দেওয়ার ভাষা নাই।

    • Muhammed Zahangir Hossain Joy said

      I can`t use this dictionary. plz give me a easy way to use this dictionary.

  4. Mohammad Abser said

    android er jonno offline data location ta ki hobe??? ami htc cha cha use kori. please reply rubel vai

  5. imran said

    Very good

  6. Mahbub said

    very nice
    but please give the offline path location with example…

  7. sourajit said


  8. Jashim said

    To get offline data store:
    First copy all the files in e2b folder in sdcard using computer & data cable.

    1.open the application
    2. touch the left button.
    3.touch on settings
    4.enable offline use by touching.
    5.touch offline data location.
    6.put here: /e2b

    but dont put /sdcard/e2b or .weavespark/e2b
    its basically the path where you put all the files.

    • mohammad abser said

      Thanks brother…

    • Mahbub said

      Thanks for suggestion Jashim vai…

      • tuhin said

        vai,ami kichuite partechi na aita korte,kivabe korte hobe deatils janle valo hoe.

    • washim said

      hocche na bhai… ami galaxy pop use kori .. jemon korei hok amar e2b dictionary dorkar ..kichu upai ber koro…plz bhai

    • mohammad abser said

      Brother, i have a tablet. There 2 memory. 1 system memory and 2 sd card and I save e2b folder in sd card. What would be path then. Please, give a solution.
      Thanks again

  9. I was Looking for an offline Bangla Dictionary and I found this one.
    This Dictionary is good but could be better.

    1. interface should me user friendly (like oxford android dictionary)
    2. More word should be added.
    3. Zoom feature must be added because some words are too small to read.

    Thanks for an awesome Dictionary ^_^
    Hope you will update this app and make it more beautiful and user friendly.

  10. Rakesh Bro said

    But there is no setting options..

  11. Maruf said

    memory card e jodi e2b folder e rakhi ta hole path ki hobe pls bolben ki…….

  12. F.R. said

    vai hocche na je. ami lenovo a789 use kori.ami zip file pc te extract kore extracted contents amar sd card a akta new file create koresi jar nam “e2b” .launcher SD card a install korar por settings theke offline use enable koresi then offline path “e2b” diyesi. ar por kono word dile boltese “could not read from the SD card.please check”.. pore ami .nomedia file create kore “e2b” te paste koresi…kaz hoy nai..akhon upay ki????????????

  13. funkori said

    I got this dictionary working offline in my galaxy s. But the problem is after extracting the zip file all the images go to my gallery and gallery goes slow down. So I was bound to delete dictionary images and to stop offline use. Can you please make a solution to this? We love your creation and want to use it offline. But we dont want to see dictionary images in gallery. I mean they should keep hidden. Please make the images in a such format that do not show the default image viewer but only dictionary soft can show. Or please tell me a trick that I can keep those out of my gallery. Cordial Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  14. Morshed said

    আমি আমার Tab এ Setting Menu খুঁজে পাচ্ছিনা । কিভাবে Offline ব্যবহার করব ।

    • Can u plz tell me which Android operating system it is? Or plz let us know the model of your Tab.

  15. kashem said

    i shall use than comment.

  16. yousuf said

    amar android set but valo dictnary suport ho66e na keno plz bolben

  17. hasnat said

    installer download hoccena , computer hang hoe jacce………..pls help, ami image download koreci 65 mb, ekhon ki korbo

    • I think the file is being downloaded when you click the link and it is being opened by the browser you are using. Please Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the file to your computer.

  18. md. Mominur Rahman said

    I don’t able to install.

  19. azim said

    vai hocche na je. ami Samsung Galaxy Young use kori.ami zip file pc te extract kore extracted contents amar sd card a akta new file create koresi jar nam “e2b” .launcher SD card a install korar por settings theke offline use enable koresi then offline path “e2b” diyesi. ar por kono word dile boltese “could not read from the SD card.please check”.. pore ami .nomedia file create kore “e2b” te paste koresi…kintu kaj hossena….

    • You do not need to create .nomedia file. There is already one in the zip file now. So please copy all files and folder including .nomedia file in the folder e2b that you created in your SD card. Now go to Settings menu and just write e2b in Raw Data URL field. You must choose Save from the menu after that. Hope this works for you.

  20. kamrul hassan said

    i like it

  21. Amjad said

    I would like to get Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary for my android mobile for offline use. Can anyone give me the proper link to get the dictionary?

  22. Amjad said

    Rubel Vai, would you please give me your mobile no. I will be very happy if you give it to me, please…………….

  23. L Kabir said

    can’t read from sd_card

  24. L Kabir said

    anyone who succeeded installing the e2b dictionary in Android, pls call me @ 01674930469 to help me out (i would like to pay for the help)….

    pls contact urgently……..

    • What kind of help do you need? Can you tell us what problem are you facing?

      On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 2:47 PM, rubel's blog

  25. Amimul Eahsan said

    অামি English To Bangla Dictonoty downloadকরেছি।।& Install করেছি। কিন্তু কিছু সাচ্ দিলে তার বাংলা অাসছে না।।কি করবো??


    I have moto e2 handset. I extract the “BanglaDictionart.zip” file in my external sd card in “e2b” folder. niw what will be the ofline dictionary parh ? plz help me and rply

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