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Bengali Typing Tutor

“Bengali Typing Tutor” is an application developed for you if you would like to learn/practice typing in Bengali. This “bangla typing tutor” will help you learn typing in bengali fast. It supports multiple popular Bengali keyboard layouts of different bengali typing softwares available. You can choose the one of your choice. To do that, just right click anywhere on the application window and click ‘Select keyboard layout’. This is the initial release of my application and I hope to add more features in the near future. It is developed using “Java SE”. So you will need Java 1.6+ to run this application.

1. Supports “Unijoy”,“Somewherein Phonetic” and “Avro Phonetic” keyboard layout.
2. Allows you to choose different lessons.

Screenshot of Bengali Typing Tutor

You can easily download Java from if it is not installed already in your pc. Once you have Java installed in your machine just click to install my “bangla typing practice” application.

Enjoy bangla typing…

Note: I started the development of this application long days back when I started learning Java. I could not continue the development of this application after I joined my job. But few days back I decided to work on it again and here is the output.


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