You can now easily find latest share prices from your java enabled
mobile phone using a Java ME application that I have developed.

To know about the desktop version of this application click DSE BULL! Tray.

Those who does not have Java support in their mobile phone can access WAP version of this application. Go to http://weaverspark.com/wap/ from your mobile phone’s browser to know latest share prices. Most of the mobile phones, including Chinese mobile phones have WAP support.

Home screen:
DSE BULL! Mobile edition

How to install:

You may also direct download two files (dsebull.jad and dsebull.jar) required to run this application from following links and manually install this application by following the steps explained below.


Copy and paste these two files to your mobile phone’s memory will be sufficient enough, in few mobiles like Nokia, to use this application. But in some other mobiles, you might need to install this application using the installer file dsebull.jad (one of the files that you have just pasted).


You can see all share price list in one screen. Optionally, you can
create a favorite list of shares and view only those share’s price.
This favorite list will be stored in your phone. Next time if you
start this application it will bring/download prices of those shares
only. But, you can anytime switch to all shares view using Options menu.

FYI, the data source gets updated after every 1 minutes of time upon request.



  1. Parvez said

    Hi i’m new user ur dsebull.but some confug.if you info.. Me any extra cost without internet.plz info.. Tnx

    • No additional cost other than the internet charge cut by your mobile operator. This is a free mobile application to view latest share market status. Thanks.

      • parvez said

        TNX yaar,I Like you application but my n73 mobile don’t work.open this application few minute later say full memory.so plz now say how to do this.

  2. Mostafa Kamal said

    can i get the direct download link of this software ?

    Bye bye…….


  3. Monir said

    How Can I get this software? Please post download link…………………………

    • The post has been updated with detail installation instruction and direct download links. Please check and let me know if this helps.

      • Monjur said

        How can I see cse price update with this software?

  4. ibrahim khalil said

    I want to get dsebull mobile version

  5. Mithun28048 said

    Hi, is this application refreshes all prices/data automatically or need manually to refresh???

  6. Anwar said

    Rubel Bhai, Can you provide just a rolling slide of Last trade price to place on PC Desktop? So that, we can keep the rolling slide on any place of Desktop and do our own works…..


    Anwar Hossain

  7. nur said


    mobile version of DES BULL! is simply nice. i got a little issue, loading favorite list generates error 95% times. possible cause would be the consecutive request for every favorite share due to the limitation of DSE server. but “all share” works nice. could u please process and refresh the favorite list info from all share list info?


  8. anamul said


  9. […] DSE BULL! January 201013 comments 5 […]

  10. Sarwar Hossain said

    Dear Rubel Bhai,

    I can’t use this software in my Blackberry 9700 phone 😦 It shows an error msg like: “Error starting dsebull: Module ‘dsebull’ has verification error 1778 at offset 07c2” How can I do so? plzz do something

  11. K said

    Rubel bro, thank you so much for developing such a useful software for us. Brother can you please add the Volume section ? It is really tough to predict the turnover since the volume section is missing….Please add up the volume section


  12. Rakesh Saha said

    Rubel Bhai
    Can we use DSE BULL in iphone 4. Please give us some solution

  13. shalaheen said

    আমি কি আমার নকিয়া ৫২৩৩ তে সফটওয়্যারটি ব্যবহার করতে হবে। টাচস্ক্রিন, সিম্বিয়ান অপারেটিং সিস্টেম।

    • I’m not sure. I could not test this software on that phone. But this software runs on mobile phones that support java.

  14. Sazzadtanim said

    Please make an android version of this software.

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